Many congratulations to new PhDs in Modern Languages and Cultures, who graduated today! Click image for more info…

Kevin Sheehan passed his PhD examination in May. His thesis studies Portolan charts – medieval navigation maps dating from around 1290 AD to the sixteenth century, created by Italian, Catalan and Mallorcan cartographers for their merchant clients.

Rachael Matthews passed her PhD examination in April. Her thesis, ‘The Book, the Body, and the Mirror: The Use of Metaphor in the Writings of Marguerite Porete and Marguerite d’Oingt’, examines the writings of two medieval French mystics.

Sarah Weaver passed her PhD viva in January. Her thesis is entitled ‘Lifting the Curtain on Opera Translation and Accessibility: Translating Opera for Audiences with Varying Sensory Ability’, supervised by Federico Federici and Carlo Caruso.

[extract from the MLAC June newsletter, authored by Dr Mike Thompson]


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