Interview with PhD student, Pauline Moret-Jankus

Pauline Moret-Jankus is a PhD student in the Department of French, supervised by Dr Marie-Claire Barnet and Professor Lucille Cairns.Hello, Pauline. You're in the process of submitting your PhD thesis. What have you been working on?I study race and biological thought in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. In other words, I analyse the biological… Continue reading Interview with PhD student, Pauline Moret-Jankus


EU accreditation for MA in Translation Studies renewed 

The School has been successful in renewing its membership of the EMT (European Masters in Translation) scheme for 2014-19. This is a partnership project between the European Commission and Higher Education institutions offering Master’s-level translation programmes. Over 100 applications for accreditation were submitted by universities in EU member states and neighbouring countries, and 64 were… Continue reading EU accreditation for MA in Translation Studies renewed 

Recent achievements by MLAC PhD students.

Mark Sealy, who is writing a PhD thesis on photography, violence and human rights, is Director of Autograph ABP, a charity that works internationally in photography, cultural identity, race, representation and human rights. He was awarded an MBE in 2013. The current exhibition Brutal Exposure: the Congo is a partnership between Autograph ABP and the… Continue reading Recent achievements by MLAC PhD students.