Recent achievements by MLAC PhD students.

Mark Sealy, wBrutal_Exposure_Poster_280_396_80_sho is writing a PhD thesis on photography, violence and human rights, is Director of Autograph ABP, a charity that works internationally in photography, cultural identity, race, representation and human rights. He was awarded an MBE in 2013. The current exhibition Brutal Exposure: the Congo is a partnership between Autograph ABP and the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool (until 7 September 2014), showing the impact on international public opinion of Alice Seeley-Harris’s photographs of colonial oppression in the Congo in the early 1900s: Mark is also the curator of Human Rights Human Wrongs, an exhibition of photographs from the Black Star Collection examining whether images of political struggle, suffering and victims of violence work for or against humanitarian objectives. It will be at the Photographers Gallery in London in January 2015:

Jin Ren organized the 2014 CPN (China Postgraduate Network) Conference at Durham on 21-2Ren2 June. The CPN provides a forum for the growing number of postgraduates, young scholars and research fellows engaged in all aspects of Chinese Studies at British universities. The conference, supported by the Durham University Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, attracted 35 participants from 11 universities, with papers on politics, business, history, literature, translation, sociology, film research and religious studies

widenerStefano Evangelista spent the Epiphany term as a Visiting Fellow in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. Stefano was selected to take part in the Harvard- Durham Doctoral Student Exchange Programme. He is the second MLAC student to take advantage of this scheme. MLAC postgraduate alumni Adrián Gras Velázquez (who obtained his PhD in 2013) spent a term at Harvard in 2011-12.

[extract from the MLAC June newsletter, authored by Dr Mike Thompson]


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