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Fuelling Culture – workshop and lecture this Wednesday

As part of the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture’s ‘Environments’ research strand, Professor Imre Szeman (University of Alberta) will give a lecture entitled ‘Thinking Oil’ on Wednesday 29th October (6pm, Rosemary Cramp Lecture Theatre, Calman Learning Centre).
Preceding his lecture, the “Ecologies and the Arts” research group in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures is hosting a workshop, which will take place on Wednesday, 29th October 2014, 12:00 to 14:00 in A56. In this workshop, we will discuss contributions to the forthcoming collection, co-edited by Professor Szeman and entitled Fuelling Culture. The relevant extracts from the book are attached. All members of staff and interested students are warmly invited to participate.
In Fuelling Culture, the contributors propose to ask a series of urgent and timely questions that speak to a number of different disciplines: “How has our relation to energy changed over time? What differences do specific energy sources make to human values and politics? What concepts and theories allow us to clarify our relation to energy, and which just get in the way? And how have changing energy resources transformed culture in turn?” 

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