Call for papers: Durham Postgraduate Colloquium in Translation Studies

Call for papers: Third Durham Postgraduate Colloquium
“Theoretical Frameworks and Methodologies: Research in Translation Studies”
Date and Time: 7th February 2015 – 9:00-18:00
Venue: Room ER201, Elvet Riverside, New Elvet, Durham University, Durham, UK
Keynote speakerDr Sharon O’Brien
Following the success of previous colloquiums, the Centre for Intercultural Mediation of Durham University is pleased to announce the third Postgraduate Colloquium for 2015.
Translation Studies has entered a new phase, moving away from its traditional focus on static text, redirecting attention to translation as a process from the perspective of the translator’s mind, and as a product from the perspective of that of the audience. In this new agent-centred branch of Translation Studies, there is much new pioneering research, incorporating innovative methodologies that aim to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. This colloquium holds that it is only through addressing both ends of the spectrum (from the approach to the process to the reception of the product) that the discipline may be advanced. Improving a translator’s approach to a source text is doable only by obtaining feedback from the audience(s). Addressing product reception can come full circle to enhance the process. 
The 2015 postgraduate colloquium invites papers with a focus on the translator’s approach and the audience’s response or reaction. Special attention will be paid to research that addresses both qualitative and quantitative means of data collection. The colloquium will serve as an opportunity for peers, MA candidates and PhD researchers to share their views on research methodologies, discuss various approaches with a specific focus on translation and reception, and address current issues or concerns with new practice. 
Papers focusing on all areas of translation (scientific, technical, multimedia, literary, audiovisual) are welcome; the following research areas are particularly welcome:
    Eye tracking
    Key logging
    Data collection
    Quantitative vs Qualitative
    Think aloud protocols
    Focus groups
The convenors are Teresa Filizzola of UCL and Anouska Munden of Durham University, UK.
To submit a paper to the conference, please email Anouska Munden or Teresa Filizzola: /
– A 200-word abstract
– 5 keywords
– Affiliation (university or company for independent researchers)
– E-mail address
– 100 words of bio-notes
Fixed registration fees for speakers and non-speakers: £25 GBP (pays for catering expenses and conference organization). Registration fees will be payable by cheque (in pounds) and credit card.
21 November 2014: Deadline for submission of abstracts
28 November 2014: Notification of acceptance
1 December 2014: Registration opens
24 January 2015: Registration closes
Please feel free to circulate this call for papers to colleagues who may be interested.

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