PGR Forum next Friday

Next Friday (February 20) sees a session on 'Textual criticism / editing texts'. Federico Casari, PGR student in the Italian department, will deliver a presentation to be followed by general discussion. 1-2pm in A56, as ever. Optional preparatory reading can be found here: The Politics of Textual Scholarship. All welcome.


PGR Forum TOMORROW: Foucault and Power

PGR Forum: Friday 6th February, 1-2pm, A56: Foucault and Power, a discussion. Come along to discuss Michel Foucalt's concept of power: what is it, is he correct, is it a useful approach? Reading the first chapter of Discipline and Punish ('The body of the condemned' - quite short, less than thirty pages) in advance would… Continue reading PGR Forum TOMORROW: Foucault and Power