PGR Forum

Professor Carlo Vecce at the PGR Forum

Earlier this month, Professor Carlo Vecce led a session of the PGR Forum. Here’s what Claudia Wardle, MA by Research student, had to say about it:

Following his fascinating IAS lecture the previous day, ‘The Fading Evidence of Reality: Leonardo and the End’, on Thursday 5th November, we had the delightful opportunity to welcome visiting Professor Carlo Vecce to the MLAC PGR forum. Continuing on similar themes to the lecture, he focussed in and elaborated particularly upon Leonardo Da Vinci’s manuscripts and how one may tackle them. The session was relaxed and yet extremely gripping, with printed handouts of the manuscript transcriptions and English translations, alongside a slideshow that Prof. Vecce used to show high-res photographs of Leonardo’s original folios. In this way, led by Prof. Vecce’s expert knowledge, we were able as a group to consider all manner of aspects to these singular manuscripts: Leonardo’s tendencies as a writer and how they changed throughout his life; whence he and his contemporaries drew inspiration; his use of language and the literary themes that emerge from his writings, and even different modern-day editions of Leonardo’s notebooks, such as that of Jean Paul Richter. It can certainly be said that everyone, in their diverse fields of research, experienced a riveting seminar!

–  Claudia L. Wardle

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