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Events Bulletin: Week commencing December 7th

This Thursday 10th December, in lieu of a forum session, the second language café of the year will be taking place in the DSU bar at 18:30, giving us a chance to flex our linguistic muscles after a long term in the North East of England. If you have any suggestions for next term’s forum programme, get in touch with Catherine Ellis at Fancy presenting your work to a friendly audience before an upcoming conference? A text you’d like to get your teeth into with some of your peers? A talk or local cultural event you want to assemble a group for? A session you’d like to see that will help you with your academic or professional training?


Tuesday 8th December

Textual Evidence Public Lecture Series: Professor Carlo Vecce (University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’) – Textual Metamorphosis in Leonardo da Vinci’s Manuscripts, 18.00-19.30, Learning Centre, Palace Green Library

The name of Leonardo da Vinci has acquired universal significance in contemporary global culture, and his paintings are regarded as awe-inspiring icons. But what does one really know about him? What is the actual evidence on which our knowledge of his world rests? This lecture aims to cast new light on the manuscripts of Leonardo as the best source for understanding his intellectual achievement and artistic career. Offering a textual universe of words and images in constant movement and perpetual metamorphosis, the manuscripts of Leonardo enlighten with striking vividness the nature of the relationship between art and science in the early modern period.

Visual Evidence Public Lecture Series: Professor Simon James – Ghosts and Dickens, 18.15-19.15, ER140

For Charles Dickens, it is imperative for a person to be able to remember their past selves, in particular their childhood self. While it is important not to live in the past, previous versions of the self have to be recognised in order to be a moral and a well-adjusted person. Ghosts in Dickens frequently serve as a reminder of past or alternate lives. The eponymous Signalman is haunted by a spectre of railway accidents; in The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain, Redlaw surrenders his memories of past wrongs, but finds himself unable to sympathise with the sufferings of others. Most famously, the ghosts of A Christmas Carol place Scrooge in a better relationship with other people in his past, present and future. This lecture will also briefly consider the spectral afterlives of Dickens’s work in TV and film adaptations.Contact for more information about this event.


Wednesday 9th December

PG Study info/recruitment session for MLAC finalists, 12.00-13.00, ER143

Postgraduate Information Session for Durham finalists. The session will cover information about MA programmes offered in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (MA in Translation Studies, MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, MA in Visual Arts and Cultures and MA by research). The sessions will cover information about content of courses, sources of funding available, application process and career destinations of MA graduates. There will be opportunities to ask questions. Contact for more information.

Justice and the Arts Research Group Seminar: Dr Zoë Roth – Revolutionary Race: Black/Jewish activism and aesthetics in interwar Paris, 12.00, ER205. Contact for more information about this event.

Hispanic Studies Research Seminar: Dr Santiago Fouz Hernández – Fat Masculinities in Recent Spanish Cinema, 15.00, ER228. Contact for more information about this event.

Special screening of Kaufman’s In Spring (1929), 18:30, Russian World Centre, A29. The Russkiy Mir Centre will host a talk on and a special screening of Mikhail Kaufman’s cinematographic masterpiece Vesnoy (In Spring, 1929). The film will be introduced by Dr Anna Hurina, whose research focuses on representations of urban spaces in Soviet cinematography.


Thursday 10th December

Postgraduate Seminar in Russian & Soviet Studies, 14:00-17:00, Russian World Centre, A29

The Russkiy Mir Centre is organising the first postgraduate seminar in Russian and Soviet Studies. The event will bring together recent and current MA and PhD students of Russian studies in MLAC and other departments of Durham University (Applied Social Sciences, Education, Music) who do their research in various aspects of Russian history, culture and society. This interdisciplinary seminar uses the metaphor of ‘VDNKH’, an ‘exhibition of achievements’, and is aimed at providing young scholars with an opportunity to present and discuss their research with their peers across disciplines. Click here to view the programme.

Justice and the Arts Research Group Seminar: Lyndsey Stonebridge, Professor of Modern Literature and History (University of East Anglia) – ‘Humanity in Ruins’: Samuel Beckett’s Testimony, 17.00, A56. Contact for more information about this event.

Language Café, 18.30-20:30, Durham Student Union Bar, Dunelm House

Join us for our second Language Café in the DSU bar on Thursday 10thDecember. Even more languages will be represented: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Catalan AND Russian! There will be a festive quiz with lots of prizes. Do come and join the fun! Contact for more information about this event.



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