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Introducing the MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies: Interview with current student

Current MA student Liv Cannon took a few moments out of her day to answer some questions on her postgraduate studies at Durham.
What does Durham offer someone with an interest in medieval and/or early modern studies?
A vibrant community. IMEMS (Durham’s Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies) and its student group MEMSA (Medieval and Early Modern Student Association) allow you to see other people present their research. MEMSA acts as a built-in social network so you can forge connections with peers, socialising and networking at the same time.
Tell us a bit about the MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies.
The core modules are really useful and important. Research Skills allows you to situate medieval and early modern studies within the wider world of academia, explaining why it is a worthwhile and relevant area to consider. Regardless of what you want to do it will give you a really good grounding in understanding how these broad areas relate to contemporary issues. So if you want to go into education or academia or librarianship, for example, it is continuing the tradition of engaging with these important areas.
The Issues in Medieval and Early Modern Studies module helps you to understand the disciplinarity of the MA. You may enter the course with specific interests but you are made to engage with and understand other areas of relevance that can inform and help you build on your own interests. There are lots of different lines of inquiry to pursue within an overall broad area of study.
You’re only a few months into the programme but what have you most got out of the MA so far?
The interdisciplinarity. It is invaluable for someone like me who wants to pursue a career in librarianship.

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