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PGR Forum today: Careers session


OK, what about the future, then?

Thinking about next steps can be challenging, and I expect you’ll have a range of shared and individual needs we can explore. Some of you may have your next steps comfortably planned out, others may not have begun to think about what happens next.  Everyone will be able to contribute and draw from the session in the spirit of openness and moving things on.  I’m happy to respond to all levels of questions and queries you might have, and am keen to get to know you all.

This is a one hour, informal discussion session where we’ll explore:

•       Where are you now?

•       What are your hopes and fears?

•       What is career management and planning?

•       What did those who’ve gone before do next?

•       What support do you need?

I expect that we’ll touch upon self-awareness, opportunity awareness, making plans, moving forward and application techniques, and I’m really keen to actually deal with the issues you’re facing now rather than working through a presentation.

At the end of the session I plan that we will have:

  • Explored some shared issues
  • Talked through what career planning is all about
  • Considered some of the main products and approaches that are used in applications
  • Dealt with some specific queries you may have
  • Helped me to consider how I might help you at individual level
  • ….and, of course, I’d like to encourage you to use our website and also take advantage of one to one support, should this be helpful.

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