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Events bulletin 23rd-27th February

Tuesday 23rd February IMEMS Openness and Secrecy Seminar: Ingrid de Smet, University of Warwick – Secrets Unlocked: Locks and Keys from Instruments to Symbols of Early Modern Secrecy, 17:30, Learning Centre, Palace Green Library In the Renaissance and Early Modern period locks and keys were, as they still are, essential instruments of concealment: produced in an ambience… Continue reading Events bulletin 23rd-27th February

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Weekly bulletin 15-19 February

  This Thursday at the PGR forum we have our second Work in Progress session, so come along to the Swan and Three Cygnets at 5pm where we will be having a drink and finding out more about one another’s research.   Monday 15th February   Durham World Heritage Site Lecture Series - 30th Anniversary… Continue reading Weekly bulletin 15-19 February

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Weekly bulletin: 9-12 February

  Tuesday 9th February   IAS Fellow's Public Lecture: Professor Jessica Brown, University of St Andrews - Evidence and scepticism, 17:30-18:30, Ustinov Room, Van Mildert College Scepticism about knowledge of the external world can seem very natural if one supposes that the only evidence one has about the world consists of one’s experiences. For instance, Descartes famously… Continue reading Weekly bulletin: 9-12 February


Rachael Muirhead awarded posthumous PhD

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures is proud to announce that Rachael Muirhead was posthumously awarded a PhD at the Winter congregation this January. Rachael’s doctoral research was funded with a scholarship provided by MLAC alumna Joanna Barker and her husband Graham. She will be remembered as a diligent and committed student who played a leading role in… Continue reading Rachael Muirhead awarded posthumous PhD

Northern Bridge, Prospective Students

9th March: Northern Bridge Nominees Conference

9th March Northern Bridge Nominees Conference   The School of Modern Languages and Cultures is hosting a one day conference for all NBDTP nominees to introduce NBDTP nominees to MLAC and to provide them with the opportunity to meet colleagues and see the facilities here at Durham.  A bursary has been offered to all nominated… Continue reading 9th March: Northern Bridge Nominees Conference

PG events

2nd March: Postgraduate Research Feedback Session

2nd March Postgraduate Research Feedback Session 15:00-17:00, IAS Seminar Room Places for this event are limited. Registration is essential as only registered attendees will be emailed the relevant reading material ahead of the event. To register please click HERE. This two-hour session is the first of a series of termly meetings that aim to share good practice and… Continue reading 2nd March: Postgraduate Research Feedback Session

MLAC events, PGR Forum, Research Groups

Weekly Bulletin 1-7 February

After last week’s careers workshop, this week’s forum will be a session with Dr Mike Thompson from the Spanish department on teaching and assessment, looking at methods, tips and best practice. Mike is currently the Director of Undergraduate Teaching in the School of Modern Languages, and will be coming to the forum on Thursday at… Continue reading Weekly Bulletin 1-7 February