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Welcome to the new term

  Lots of events going on this week as Easter term begins.   Tuesday 26th April   Bowes Lecture Series: Dr Tom Stammers, 'Relics of Bourbon and Bonaparte: collecting post-revolutionary France in nineteenth-century Britain', 18:00-19:00, The Bowes Museum John and Josephine Bowes were deeply interested by the troubled history of France, collecting vestiges not just of… Continue reading Welcome to the new term

Northern Bridge, Workshop

Language Skills for Early Modernists: March Workshop

March 16th saw participants from Durham and from as far afield as Glasgow and York gather in Newcastle to discuss the acquisition and sharpening of language skills for researchers in early modern studies. A collaboration between Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute and Dr Peter Auger's British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award project, National Boundaries in Early… Continue reading Language Skills for Early Modernists: March Workshop