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IAS/Faculty of Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Research Feedback Session: Registration now open!

AS/Faculty of Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Research Feedback Session. Registration now open!
15th June 2016, 15:00 to 17:00, Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Study , Marzia Beltrami, Yazid Haroun (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)

This event is open to research postgraduates and academics across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

This two-hour session is the second of a series of termly meetings that aim to share good practice and promote collaboration among postgraduate research students across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. 

The sessions, hosted by Durham’s Institute of Advance Study, will provide a friendly, interdisciplinary setting in which academics and research students from across the Faculty meet up to discuss and give oral feedback on work-in-progress authored by research students. Each session will discuss the work of up to two research students. After briefly introducing their work, students will take comments, suggestions and questions about their written work from those in the audience (who will have read it in advance). Each student will have a few minutes at the end to respond to comments or ask for clarifications. The length of the pieces of work to be discussed will be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. These could be an extract from a chapter of the student’s PhD thesis, a conference paper or an article (work-in-progress in all cases). Light refreshments (tea/coffee) will be served.

In this session, two students from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures will present work from their PhD thesis:
Marzia Beltrami’s work sample is entitled Plots as maps and plots as trajectories: a work in progress’.
Yazid Haroun’s work sample is entiteld Thus Spake Interpellation, or Translation and Ideology’.
Reading material for this session will be circulated by email by Wednesday 1st June for those who register for the event. Capacity at this event is limited to 30, and registration is essential

To register follow this link. You will receive the work samples from June 1st.
More information, including abstracts of work to be discussed at the meeting, can be found at the IAS website here.

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