Michael Foulkes (French) published in ‘Early Modern French Studies’

Michael Foulkes, who is nearing the end of a PhD in French here at Durham, has just had his article,‘Boursault’s Career Strategies’ published in the journal Early Modern French Studies. It is available to read here. Michael’s thesis is a comparative research study of the careers of seventeenth-century playwrights Boursault, Quinault, and Racine. He is supervised by Dr… Continue reading Michael Foulkes (French) published in ‘Early Modern French Studies’


MLAC Events Bulletin: 24th-30th October

Monday 24th October IAS Fellows' Seminar - Grahame Clark’s Map of the World: Europe, Australia and Global Prehistory 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Ann McGrath (Australian National University) On the wall of his office, archaeologist Grahame Clark, who held the prestigious Disney Chair of Cambridge’s Peterhouse College, displayed a world map on which… Continue reading MLAC Events Bulletin: 24th-30th October

An Interview With Nassiba Benferdi, PG Forum Co-Ordinator

  PhD and Masters students new and old will know that the PG Forum is at the heart of postgraduate life here in MLAC. Research seminars, reading groups, feedback sessions and a good amount of coffee have all played their part in getting postgraduates from disparate disciplines together for the past couple of years. Now… Continue reading An Interview With Nassiba Benferdi, PG Forum Co-Ordinator

MLAC Events Bulletin 17th-23rd October

Monday 17th October IAS Fellows' Seminar - The “Anthropocene” concept in environmental literary criticism 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Tim Clark The seminar will briefly introduce some ways in which the term “Anthropocene” is being taken up in “ecocriticism,” the challenges for literary representation of both the spatial or temporal scale of environmental… Continue reading MLAC Events Bulletin 17th-23rd October

Welcome one and all to MLAC!

This Wednesday (October 12th) saw the first MLAC postgraduate reception of term, where postgrads new and old were welcomed in style with a hefty amount of wine and nibbles. Our new Director of Postgraduate Studies, Dr Marc Schachter, kicked things off with a few words about the postgraduate community, and introduced us to Nassiba Benferdi, the… Continue reading Welcome one and all to MLAC!

Events Bulletin 10th-16th October

Monday 10th October IAS Fellows' Seminar - Tipping the Balance: A Comparative Study of the Scales in the Visual Rhetoric of Justice 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Massimo Leone (University of Turin, Italy) Some symbols so skillfully traverse epochs and cultures that they are depicted as almost ‘natural’ embodiments of abstract values. The… Continue reading Events Bulletin 10th-16th October