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MLAC PhD Success

As Michaelmas term draws to a close, we would like to congratulate those students who have recently completed their doctorates here in MLAC.

Congratulations to:
Joseph North 
Title: Martyrs on the Silver Screen: Early Church Martyrdom in Italian Silent Cinema (1898-1930)
Supervisors: Stefano Cracolici and Caitríona Ní Dhúill
Abdulilah Lahmami
Title: The Importance of ‘Tafsir’ in ‘Qu’ran’ Translation
Main supervisor: Paul Starkey
Majid Yousif Ibrahim 
Title: Identifying Causes of Mistranslation of Syrian Political Discourse: A Contrastive Arabic-English Analysis of Interviews by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Main supervisor: Paul Starkey
Mark Sealy
Title: Decolonising the Camera: Photography in Racial Time
Supervisors: Jonathan Long and Andrea Noble
Pippa Oldfield 
Title: Calling the Shots: Women’s Photographic Engagement with War in Hemispheric America, 1910-1990
Supervisors: Andrea Noble and Jonathan Long
Rania Alardawe
Title: The Poetic Image of Water in Jahili and Andalusian Poetry: A Phenomenological Comparative Study
Main supervisor: Paul Starkey
Agata Chrzanowska 
Title: Narrative Fresco and Ritual: Filippo Lippi, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Performative
Properties of Religious Art in Quattrocento Florence
Supervisors: Dario Tessicini and Stefano Cracolici
We would like to wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

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