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Upcoming MEMSA Events

We’re hardly short of medievalists and early modernists here in MLAC, so here’s a guest post from MEMSA chair Hannah Piercy, telling you all about their exciting seminars this term! See below for the term card.

MEMSA, the Medieval and Early Modern Student Association at Durham, has a close relationship with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. Students from MLAC, and indeed, members of the public, are all warmly invited to attend our free seminar series in Easter term.

Many of the papers this term have an interdisciplinary focus, from Jose Cree’s work on addiction, influenced by the medical humanities, to Olivia Colquitt’s examination of mermaids in medieval art and literature, to Abigail Steed’s discussion of the place of divine vengeance in history writing and theology. Several papers are also focused on tensions between and within cultures, such as Anum Dada’s presentation on the shifting identities of Saracen women in medieval romance, and Ryan Wicklund’s talk on the pressures the Black Death placed on agricultural, economic and social aspects of medieval life. The linguistic and translation based elements of Jose Cree, Rachel Fennell, Anum Dada, and Abigail Steed’s work may also be of interest to MLAC students: Jose’s work explores how language is used to explore and define a social group, drawing together a mixture of social history and linguistics. We hope this will be a really interesting series for MLAC students – even if the topics are far removed from your own, the methodologies and the excitement (and risks) of interdisciplinary study will be applicable to your own work. There will be plenty of time for questions after each seminar, so do come along and share your thoughts!

Easter termcard (1).jpg


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