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PG Research Forum: How to write an effective abstract?

PG Forum: How to write an effective abstract, Part 1

15th November, 12:00-13:00, ER145

After a first introductory meeting in October, where new and continuing research students had a chance to introduce themselves and to meet  representatives of the School’s research groups, the PG Research Forum is back with its first event of the year!

On Wednesday 15th November , a worskop for MLAC PG Students will look at ways to write effective abstracts in our disciplines!

In this workshop we will discuss the elements that go into writing a successful abstract in the context of academic publishing in the humanities. Using a selection of sample abstracts, we will analyse and compare different approaches in order to create model templates of good practice. Depending on student demand, a follow-up event would take place in Epiphany Term offering the opportunity of peer feedback, working with your own abstract submissions.

In preparation for the workshop, you are encouraged to consult the following helpful pages:

All are welcome!

For more informations about the workshop or the PG Research Forum, contact Dr Yari Perez-Marin


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