PhD Successes

As another academic year nears its end, it's time to recognise the achievements of four MLAC students who have recently completed their PhDs. Congratulations to all of you! Michael Foulkes has successfully defended his thesis “An Analysis of Writing as a Career in Seventeenth-century France Based on a Comparative Study of the Career Histories of Jean racine,… Continue reading PhD Successes


Upcoming MLAC Events

The MLAC events bulletin is now winding down for the year, but don’t miss these exciting events in the department over the next couple of weeks. Remember to send any MLAC-related stories to us here at the blog, using the contact buttons above. Conference: World Literatures and the New Totalitarianism 15th May 2017, 13:00, IMLR/Senate… Continue reading Upcoming MLAC Events

Upcoming MEMSA Events

We're hardly short of medievalists and early modernists here in MLAC, so here's a guest post from MEMSA chair Hannah Piercy, telling you all about their exciting seminars this term! See below for the term card. MEMSA, the Medieval and Early Modern Student Association at Durham, has a close relationship with the School of Modern… Continue reading Upcoming MEMSA Events


Monday 13th March Banipal Visiting Writer Fellow 2017, Ali Bader, reads from his short story 'The Corporal' and his new novel Liar Takes All 16:00-18:00, ER247 Iraqi author Ali Bader, the Banipal Visiting Writer Fellow 2017, will give a talk to MLaC staff and students with readings from his short story ‘The Corporal’ and his… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN 13th-19th March


Talks and Events Tuesday 7th March Centre for Humanities Innovation - History of Humanities Series Dr Julian Hamann (Universität Bonn) 'The Formation of the German Humanities as a Thing of Boundaries' 16:00, ER153 How did the German humanities come about as a meaningful distinction in the academic world in the late 19th century? Julian Hamann… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 6th-12th March

MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 27th February – 5th March

Talks and Events  Monday 27th February IAS Fellows' Seminar - Urban Social Movements: contentious performances in a challenging era 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Ida Susser (Hunter College, USA) In the light of the sharp turn to the right in the United States and the same trends in many parts of Europe, this seminar… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 27th February – 5th March


EDITING BEHIND THE SCENES: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH   10th March 2017, 10 a.m. – 17:30 p.m. Senate Room, Durham Castle     The Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) at Durham University will host a one-day workshop on the topic of Editing in Literature, Theatre, Digital Humanities, Music and Cinema. The concept of editing will be… Continue reading EDITING BEHIND THE SCENES: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH – 10th March

MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 20th – 27th February

Monday 20th February IAS Fellows' Seminar - Aristotle’s Account of Measurement 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Dr Barbara Sattler (University of St Andrews, UK) This paper analyses Aristotle’s account of measurement and shows how it allows him to react to problems with determining the quantity of a motion, as they arose from Zeno’s dichotomy… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 20th – 27th February

MEMSA Talk on Female Friendships in Renaissance France – Jess Allen (MA French), 14 February, 6pm

The next Durham MEMSA seminar will be taken by Jess Allen, talking about ‘Forgotten Voices: Reconstructing Female Friendships in Renaissance France’. 18:00, Tuesday 14 February (today), in the World Heritage Centre. All are welcome to attend. To find out more about Jess and her research, read her interview with MEMSA here.


Monday 13th February IAS Fellows' Seminar - High-resolution in vivo imaging of the human retina: A window of opportunity for visual neuroscience 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Hannah Smithson (Oxford University, UK) Our research focuses on the neural mechanisms that underlie perception. Using a newly developed Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (AOSLO), which… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 13th-19th FEBRUARY