MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 4th-10th December

  Monday 4th December   Analysing Breaking Bad 17:30-18:45, ER157, Daniel Grausam, James Smith, Sam Thomas Breaking Bad is commonly regarded to be one of the greatest television dramas of all time. In this seminar Durham researchers will discuss how their current projects intersect with a variety of the show's themes. DANIEL GRAUSAM will discuss… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 4th-10th December



Monday 13th March Banipal Visiting Writer Fellow 2017, Ali Bader, reads from his short story 'The Corporal' and his new novel Liar Takes All 16:00-18:00, ER247 Iraqi author Ali Bader, the Banipal Visiting Writer Fellow 2017, will give a talk to MLaC staff and students with readings from his short story ‘The Corporal’ and his… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN 13th-19th March

Professor Linda Williams to deliver Leslie Brooks Lecture – January 16th, 2017

On 16th January 2017, MLAC will welcome Professor Linda Williams (University of California, Berkeley), to deliver the annual Leslie Brooks Lecture. “Tales of Sound and Fury” Signifying... Something, or, The Elephant of Melodrama (16th January 2017, 17:30, ER142, Elvet Riverside I) Melodrama has seemed a contradictory term.  On one hand a special genre for suffering women, on the other… Continue reading Professor Linda Williams to deliver Leslie Brooks Lecture – January 16th, 2017

MLAC Events Bulletin: 5th – 11th December

Monday 5th December IAS Fellows' Seminar - Are Some Scales More Natural Than Others? Professor Patrick McGivern (University of Wollongong, Australia) 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Many discussions of scale involve concerns about the naturalness of different scales. Sometimes this is described as a concern with the objectivity or ‘reality’ of scales, and it… Continue reading MLAC Events Bulletin: 5th – 11th December

Weekly bulletin 6-11 June

Monday 6th June Breathing Pauses in Ancient Rhetoric, Virginia Woolf and Robert Musil, 17:00-19:00, Institute for Advanced Study Join Dr Stefanie Heine (University of Toronto) in Durham to explore how breathing pauses convey rhythm in both the spoken and written word by comparing and contrasting ancient rhetoric with the work of early 20th Century modernist writers… Continue reading Weekly bulletin 6-11 June

Weekly Bulletin 9-13 May

Monday 9th May Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site: the Challenges of the Last 30 Years and the Opportunities for the Future, 18:00, Room PG20, Pemberton Building, Palace Green The next lecture of the Durham World Heritage Site 30th Anniversary Lecture Series will be delivered by Anna Brennand, Chief Executive of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust. It… Continue reading Weekly Bulletin 9-13 May

Weekly Bulletin

Tuesday 3rd May   Transnationalism Research Group seminar: Cassia Roth (UCLA) – He Said, She Said: Abortion Rumours and Power in Early-Twentieth-Century Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17:00, History Department, 43 North Bailey, Seminar Room 2 Did you hear about that girl who had an abortion? Gossip like this represents the circulation of ideas on proper female sexuality.… Continue reading Weekly Bulletin

Welcome to the new term

  Lots of events going on this week as Easter term begins.   Tuesday 26th April   Bowes Lecture Series: Dr Tom Stammers, 'Relics of Bourbon and Bonaparte: collecting post-revolutionary France in nineteenth-century Britain', 18:00-19:00, The Bowes Museum John and Josephine Bowes were deeply interested by the troubled history of France, collecting vestiges not just of… Continue reading Welcome to the new term

Leslie Brooks Lecture

The Leslie Brooks Lecture series was established by the School, in association with St Cuthbert's Society, in memory of James Leslie Brooks, former Professor of Spanish and founder of the Department of Spanish at Durham. Leslie Brooks was born in Portarlington, Ireland in 1919. After working as Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast,… Continue reading Leslie Brooks Lecture

Events bulletin March 15-18 March

Tuesday 15th March   IAS Fellows' Public Lecture: Dr Zoe Crossland, Columbia University – The Speaking Corpse: the dead body's evidence and the forensic imaginary, 17:30-18:30, Birley Room, Hatfield College The dead body is said to speak truthfully about its past. Popular texts about forensic investigations often describe skeletons as “witnesses from the grave”, or claim that… Continue reading Events bulletin March 15-18 March