PhD Success: Sophia Xiao

Dr Sophia Xiao recently completed her PhD thesis ('Rethinking Binarism in Translation Studies. A Case Study of Translating the Chinese Nobel Laureates of Literature') in Translation Studies in MLAC. We asked her to tell her more about her research, her future plans and her time in Durham.   Congratulations on your PhD! Can you tell… Continue reading PhD Success: Sophia Xiao


PhD Success: Marzia Beltrami

Dr Marzia Beltrami completed her PhD thesis ('The spatial dimension of narrative understanding. Exploring plot types in the narratives of A. Baricco, A. Camilleri, and I. Calvino') in Italian Studies in June at Durham University, after an MA in Oxford and a BA in Milan. We caught up with her to learn more about her… Continue reading PhD Success: Marzia Beltrami

PhD Success: Stefano Evangelista

Dr Stefano Evangelista recently completed his PhD thesis (‘The International Reception and the Poetics of Antonio Fogazzaro on the basis of his correspondences with other Contemporary Intellectuals’) in Italian Studies, at Durham University, where he came after his completing no less than three Masters degree in Italy! We caught up with him to know more about his… Continue reading PhD Success: Stefano Evangelista

PhD Success: Yifang Wang

Dr Yifang Wang recently completed her PhD thesis (‘Translating metaphor from both directions: a process-oriented study’) in Translation at Durham University, where she also did her MA, after a BA at Xi'an Jiaotong University in China. We caught up with her to learn more about her research and her post-PhD life. Congratulations on your PhD! Can you… Continue reading PhD Success: Yifang Wang

PhD Successes

As another academic year nears its end, it's time to recognise the achievements of four MLAC students who have recently completed their PhDs. Congratulations to all of you! Michael Foulkes has successfully defended his thesis “An Analysis of Writing as a Career in Seventeenth-century France Based on a Comparative Study of the Career Histories of Jean racine,… Continue reading PhD Successes

PhD viva success – Rania al-Ardawe: The Poetic Image of Water in Jāhilī and Andalusian Poetry

Rania al-Ardawe has recently passed her PhD viva with minor corrections. Rania's thesis is entitled 'The Poetic Image of Water in Jāhilī and Andalusian Poetry; A Phenomenological Comparative Study'. Her abstract is below. Many congratulations to Rania! Abstract: The subject of the poetic image in Classical Arabic poetry is considered to be one of the most… Continue reading PhD viva success – Rania al-Ardawe: The Poetic Image of Water in Jāhilī and Andalusian Poetry

PhD Success

Congratulations to Shaymaa Abdou (Arabic, supervised by Professor Daniel Newman), who successfully defended her PhD thesis on Friday 13th November. The thesis is entitled 'Narratives of Selfhood: A Study of the Arabic Biographical Novel, 1967-2010'. Abstract Scholarship on the Arabic novel often approaches it in light of questions of national consciousness, identity formation and contact with the West. This study relates the traditional fictional… Continue reading PhD Success

PhD Success

We are pleased to announce the successful outcome of Polina Kliuchnikova's viva for her PhD thesis, 'Linguistic biographies and communities of language of Russian speakers in Great Britain'. Abstract: In migration language undergoes crucial changes. Not only are the linguistic practices of migrants reshaped in the new environment, but migrant displacement has a major effect on the… Continue reading PhD Success

PhD successes

Congratulations to Federico Casari (Italian Studies) and Anna Hurina (Russian Studies), who successfully defended their PhD theses on Friday October 2nd. Federico’s thesis, entitled "The Origin of the 'Elzeviro'. Literature and Journalism in Italy, 1870-1920”  and supervised by Professor Carlo Caruso, was examined by Professor Ann Caesar (Warwick) and Dr Annalisa Cipollone (Durham). Anna’s thesis, entitled ‘Representations of Urban… Continue reading PhD successes

Pauline Moret-Jankus defends her PhD thesis

Pauline Moret-Jankus has defended her PhD thesis entitled 'Race, imaginaire biologique et identité dans À la recherche du temps perdu'. Pauline was supervised by Dr Marie-Claire Barnet and Prof Lucille Cairns. The thesis was examined by Professor Margaret Topping (QUB) and Dr Gerald Moore (Durham), with Dr Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze as independent chair.  The thesis was funded with a… Continue reading Pauline Moret-Jankus defends her PhD thesis