Monday 13th March Banipal Visiting Writer Fellow 2017, Ali Bader, reads from his short story 'The Corporal' and his new novel Liar Takes All 16:00-18:00, ER247 Iraqi author Ali Bader, the Banipal Visiting Writer Fellow 2017, will give a talk to MLaC staff and students with readings from his short story ‘The Corporal’ and his… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN 13th-19th March


MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 27th February – 5th March

Talks and Events  Monday 27th February IAS Fellows' Seminar - Urban Social Movements: contentious performances in a challenging era 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Ida Susser (Hunter College, USA) In the light of the sharp turn to the right in the United States and the same trends in many parts of Europe, this seminar… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 27th February – 5th March

MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 20th – 27th February

Monday 20th February IAS Fellows' Seminar - Aristotle’s Account of Measurement 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Dr Barbara Sattler (University of St Andrews, UK) This paper analyses Aristotle’s account of measurement and shows how it allows him to react to problems with determining the quantity of a motion, as they arose from Zeno’s dichotomy… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 20th – 27th February


Monday 13th February IAS Fellows' Seminar - High-resolution in vivo imaging of the human retina: A window of opportunity for visual neuroscience 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Hannah Smithson (Oxford University, UK) Our research focuses on the neural mechanisms that underlie perception. Using a newly developed Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (AOSLO), which… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 13th-19th FEBRUARY

MLAC Events Bulletin: 12th-18th December

Monday 12th September IAS Fellows' Seminar - Making a big picture out of small fragments: How should we write the history of Babylonian astronomy? 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor John Steele (Brown University, USA) Despite the groundbreaking work in deciphering Babylonian astronomical texts and reconstructing Babylonian astronomy by scholars such as F. X.… Continue reading MLAC Events Bulletin: 12th-18th December

MLAC Events Bulletin: 5th – 11th December

Monday 5th December IAS Fellows' Seminar - Are Some Scales More Natural Than Others? Professor Patrick McGivern (University of Wollongong, Australia) 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Many discussions of scale involve concerns about the naturalness of different scales. Sometimes this is described as a concern with the objectivity or ‘reality’ of scales, and it… Continue reading MLAC Events Bulletin: 5th – 11th December

Events bulletin 14-18 June

Tuesday 14th June Cafe Politique presents: What is Britishness? An interactive seminar, 18:00-19:00, Ustinov College, Fisher House As the world becomes more interconnected, the concept of British citizenship and identity has become more contentious. Mass migration crises, questions about former colonial territories, such as the Falkland Islands, or the upcoming EU referendum of 23 June 2016… Continue reading Events bulletin 14-18 June

Weekly events bulletin

Wednesday 1st June   School of Education Research Seminar Series 2015/16 - Working in ‘Ghost Labs': Developing a collaborative process/event space of politicised intergenerational community re-imagination, 13:00-14:00, ED134, School of Education Growing out of Geoff Bright’s ethnographic/activist work in now deindustrialised UK coal mining communities, this seminar considers practical and theoretical aspects of a recent UK AHRC Connected… Continue reading Weekly events bulletin

Weekly Bulletin 9-13 May

Monday 9th May Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site: the Challenges of the Last 30 Years and the Opportunities for the Future, 18:00, Room PG20, Pemberton Building, Palace Green The next lecture of the Durham World Heritage Site 30th Anniversary Lecture Series will be delivered by Anna Brennand, Chief Executive of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust. It… Continue reading Weekly Bulletin 9-13 May

Weekly Bulletin

Tuesday 3rd May   Transnationalism Research Group seminar: Cassia Roth (UCLA) – He Said, She Said: Abortion Rumours and Power in Early-Twentieth-Century Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17:00, History Department, 43 North Bailey, Seminar Room 2 Did you hear about that girl who had an abortion? Gossip like this represents the circulation of ideas on proper female sexuality.… Continue reading Weekly Bulletin