MLAC events

MLAC Graduands Reception

All MLAC  graduands and their guests are invited to a Drinks and Nibbles ‘do’ in the Senate Suite at University College on 14th January 2016 after the Graduation Ceremony for MLAC from 11.30 to 1 pm.

PhD viva

PhD successes

Congratulations to Federico Casari (Italian Studies) and Anna Hurina (Russian Studies), who successfully defended their PhD theses on Friday October 2nd. Federico’s thesis, entitled "The Origin of the 'Elzeviro'. Literature and Journalism in Italy, 1870-1920”  and supervised by Professor Carlo Caruso, was examined by Professor Ann Caesar (Warwick) and Dr Annalisa Cipollone (Durham). Anna’s thesis, entitled ‘Representations of Urban… Continue reading PhD successes



Many congratulations to new PhDs in Modern Languages and Cultures, who graduated today! Click image for more info... Kevin Sheehan passed his PhD examination in May. His thesis studies Portolan charts – medieval navigation maps dating from around 1290 AD to the sixteenth century, created by Italian, Catalan and Mallorcan cartographers for their merchant clients. Rachael… Continue reading Congratulations!