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Monday 6th February IAS Fellows' Seminar - Abrupt Climate Change: What is abrupt? How fast is fast? 13:00-14:00, IAS Seminar Room, Palace Green, Professor Jack Williams (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) A common trope in discussions about contemporary climate change is that the expected rates of 21st-century climate change are abrupt and faster than anything in… Continue reading MLAC EVENTS BULLETIN: 6TH-12TH FEBRUARY

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MLAC PhD Success

As Michaelmas term draws to a close, we would like to congratulate those students who have recently completed their doctorates here in MLAC. Congratulations to: Joseph North  Title: Martyrs on the Silver Screen: Early Church Martyrdom in Italian Silent Cinema (1898-1930) Supervisors: Stefano Cracolici and Caitríona Ní Dhúill Abdulilah Lahmami Title: The Importance of 'Tafsir'… Continue reading MLAC PhD Success

Call for Papers, Conference

CFP: Society for French Studies Annual Conference – Durham, July 2017

The 58th Annual Conference of the Society for French Studies will be held in Durham, 3rd-5th July 2017 - a perfect reason to submit an abstract (and to get excited). The CFP is copied below, and more details can be found here. The deadline for submissions is Friday 23rd September. ******* We are pleased to invite… Continue reading CFP: Society for French Studies Annual Conference – Durham, July 2017

PhD abstract, PhD viva

PhD viva success – Rania al-Ardawe: The Poetic Image of Water in Jāhilī and Andalusian Poetry

Rania al-Ardawe has recently passed her PhD viva with minor corrections. Rania's thesis is entitled 'The Poetic Image of Water in Jāhilī and Andalusian Poetry; A Phenomenological Comparative Study'. Her abstract is below. Many congratulations to Rania! Abstract: The subject of the poetic image in Classical Arabic poetry is considered to be one of the most… Continue reading PhD viva success – Rania al-Ardawe: The Poetic Image of Water in Jāhilī and Andalusian Poetry

PG events

2nd March: Postgraduate Research Feedback Session

2nd March Postgraduate Research Feedback Session 15:00-17:00, IAS Seminar Room Places for this event are limited. Registration is essential as only registered attendees will be emailed the relevant reading material ahead of the event. To register please click HERE. This two-hour session is the first of a series of termly meetings that aim to share good practice and… Continue reading 2nd March: Postgraduate Research Feedback Session

PhD abstract, PhD viva

PhD Success

Congratulations to Shaymaa Abdou (Arabic, supervised by Professor Daniel Newman), who successfully defended her PhD thesis on Friday 13th November. The thesis is entitled 'Narratives of Selfhood: A Study of the Arabic Biographical Novel, 1967-2010'. Abstract Scholarship on the Arabic novel often approaches it in light of questions of national consciousness, identity formation and contact with the West. This study relates the traditional fictional… Continue reading PhD Success

PGR Forum

PGR Forum: Literature and History

This week’s forum will be another round of our reading and discussion group: Thursday 5pm, ER 153. The theme will be Literature and History. What is the relationship between literature and history? How do we navigate questions of history in literary and cultural studies? Is literature ahistorical? What relationship does this have to our own work?… Continue reading PGR Forum: Literature and History

PhD abstract, PhD viva

PhD Success

We are pleased to announce the successful outcome of Polina Kliuchnikova's viva for her PhD thesis, 'Linguistic biographies and communities of language of Russian speakers in Great Britain'. Abstract: In migration language undergoes crucial changes. Not only are the linguistic practices of migrants reshaped in the new environment, but migrant displacement has a major effect on the… Continue reading PhD Success

PhD abstract

PhD Success: Anna Hurina

Last week we brought you the news of Anna Hurina's successful PhD defence. Below is the abstract for her thesis. Representations of Urban Spaces and Their Transformations in Soviet Cinema of the 1920s and 1960s ABSTRACT: This dissertation explores the correlations between planned/constructed urban environments and the depiction of the city in films. The research… Continue reading PhD Success: Anna Hurina

PhD abstract

PhD success: Federico Casari

Earlier this week we carried the news of two recent successful PhD defences. In this post we bring you the abstract of Federico Casari's thesis. "The Origin of the 'Elzeviro'. Literature and Journalism in Italy, 1870-1920" Abstract: My research is the very first historically informed investigation to offer an account of the origin of the elzeviro. The elzeviro was… Continue reading PhD success: Federico Casari