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Monday 30th April 450 Years Pioneering Catholic Education: Past, Present, Future 30th April 10:30 to 1st May 19:30, Ushaw College, Durham A conference to celebrate the 450th Anniversary of the English College at Douai. Ushaw College with the Centre for Catholic Studies at Durham University are celebrating the 450th anniversary of the founding of the… Continue reading MLAC BULLETIN: 30th APRIL-6th MAY

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Upcoming MEMSA Events

We're hardly short of medievalists and early modernists here in MLAC, so here's a guest post from MEMSA chair Hannah Piercy, telling you all about their exciting seminars this term! See below for the term card. MEMSA, the Medieval and Early Modern Student Association at Durham, has a close relationship with the School of Modern… Continue reading Upcoming MEMSA Events